An examined life is an enriched life

This program nurtures the ability to engage in systematic thinking and provides you with the critical distance to call culture’s dominant assumptions into question and form your own responses. You’ll be immersed in the great conversation of history’s deepest thinkers, trained in logic and ethics, and able to defend faith and human dignity. At this point in time, philosophy has never been so vital – or applicable – to everyday life.

Sample Careers
  • Philosophy Teacher
  • Cultural Studies Teacher
  • Hospitalist
Financial Aid

The average undergraduate student award is $16,603.

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Program Overview

This is a program intended for lovers of wisdom. You’ll develop a trained mind that thinks clearly, precisely, and rigorously. This program will introduce you to the central texts of the world’s greatest ancient, medieval, modern, and contemporary thinkers. You’ll learn the methods of careful definition, logical analysis, and argumentation. In addition to core foundations of a robust philosophy program, our program has special emphases on apologetics, moral philosophy, bioethics, human rights, and human dignity. It all boils down to this: the CUW Philosophy program will prepare you to be a thinker. And since you’ll be able to specialize in any area of philosophy that interests you most, you’ll experience the true thrill of charting your own intellectual course in life.

What to Expect

You will leave a different person than when you arrived. Your mind will be an interesting place, full of curiosity, wonder and intellectual fulfillment.  Upon completion you should feel equipped for either additional graduate-level study  or entrance into the professional world. Not everyone immediately sees the connection between a degree in philosophy and success in the business world, but even a quick glance at some of the top CEOs and entrepreneurs in America shows one thing in common - a philosophy degree. It should come as no surprise that critical thinkers, who think analytically and deeply about problems, would quickly rise to the top. Perhaps most importantly, you will learn how to engage with society’s dominant discourses and trends from a whole different angle than the majority of your peers.

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