Minor in Sports Media

Dive into the exciting sports industry through a different lens with a Minor in Sports Media.

Arts and Sciences

Department of Communication

A new side of sports

Our Minor in Sport Media helps prepare students for exciting careers in communication-related positions specializing in sports. Learn practical, hands-on skills for the sports media industry.

Program Overview

Sports is a constantly growing, popular industry that the media is always connected to. If you’re pursuing communication and have the slightest interest in sports, we can’t recommend this minor enough. This interdisciplinary program stretches across Communication, Athletics, and the School of Business Administration so you can graduate with confidence.

What to Expect

Students in this program will become prepared for an ever-changing communication and journalism field. You will be proficient in the latest digital technology as well as how to write clearly and concisely for a very specific audience. The curriculum will also cover various digital media such as blogs, social media, and multimedia. Employment opportunities for sports-related media, specifically online media, have recently been stronger than traditional news-related media due to the expansion of niche broadcast networks. Whether you're currently a Sport and Entertainment Business major or a retiring athlete looking to return to school, this minor is an exciting program to pursue.

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