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If you’re planning to attend seminary after you graduate from Concordia, theological languages is about as practical as it gets. Knowing the original languages of the Old and New Testaments will not only enrich your personal devotional studies, it will give you a firm foundation to build upon in seminary and eventually the pastoral office.


New freshman undergrads planning to be LCMS pastors may be eligible to receive $20,000.

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Bachelor of Arts in Theological Languages

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Program Overview

You’ll learn Hebrew and Greek in order to read the Bible in the original languages. Concordia’s curriculum and faculty will help you attain a high level of competency for reading and translating these original languages. Plus, this program is excellent preparation for seminary requirements and other graduate work in theology. This minor can be combined easily with other majors.

What to Expect

Yes, you are going to be challenged. You’ll be learning two new alphabets that likely you’ve never encountered before. However, your future faculty, classmates, and tutors are eager to give you the support and resources needed to succeed. You’ll learn and practice self-discipline (which is necessary for language acquisition). In terms of benefits, you’ll experience the Bible in a depth not possible with English translations. You’ll be preparing to spend a lifetime digging into Scripture and writings by Church Fathers with more clarity than before. Plus, through the study of other languages, your mastery of English will also improve. Alongside your languages courses, you’ll also get to take classes with our committed theology faculty.

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