Why Remedium?

Health care costs are out of control. But what if you could be part of positive change that actually has the power to positively affect the system? Remedium Exchange aims to increase quality, access, and affordability of health care for all, in a patient-centered and consumer-driven health care delivery model, one that relies upon free and transparent markets.

Think Tank Background

Remedium Exchange grew out of the Health Care Economics Summit that took place in March 2017. Our goal: to address skyrocketing health care costs. The 2017 Summit provided a venue for Governor Scott Walker and more than 100 thought-leaders – professionals who work in the health care industry – from all around Wisconsin to discuss the state of health care in Wisconsin, identify the problems, and suggest solutions.

One proposal, made by Concordia University of Wisconsin, was to form a think tank that would research the issues identified and then create a roadmap toward solutions that would equip consumers with transparent pricing, as well as propose the advancement health care policy at the state and national level.

Join the Exchange

Remedium Exchange members meet regularly to discuss strategic matters, and then the “research team” at Concordia works between meetings to advance projects. Every year, a Health Care Economics Summit event will feature keynote speakers and disseminate results of our research in an effort to provide guidance to innovators and policy makers, in addition to planning areas of focus moving forward. Every other year, a Health Care Innovation Pitch event will give health care innovators an opportunity to be mentored, receive seed funds, and assistance in starting companies that create enabling technologies (like connected medicine, telemedicine, etc.) or new business models.

Go to the Remedium Exchange website to read more about our goals, vision, process and how you can become a member.