Concordia University Wisconsin values diversity, all students, and our strategic educational partners. That is what makes The Center for Urban Education Ministries (CUEM) a perfect fit.

CUEM has a bold mission of relentlessly strengthening urban education through three focus areas Recruitment, Resources, and Recognition.


High-performing city educators and school leaders transform lives. Students, families, and communities are strengthened through highly effective school teachers and leaders. We support institutions that recruit valuable people and prepare them for urban schools.


  • Conferences
  • Immersion Trips
  • Workshops
  • Intentional Training


Current and sound research drives educational decisions. Compelling learning initiatives, community strategies, and leadership strategies need to be replicated. We share research and best practices to maximize educational effectiveness.


  • Research Studies
  • Books
  • Articles
  • Website
  • Expert Speaker Series
  • Blog
  • Superhero Education Podcast ( Spotify | Apple)


Daily, urban schools are achieving tremendous academic and behavioral results. Schools and communities benefit from utilizing these successful strategies. We celebrate these results to reinforce these outcomes and to have other institutions mimic achievements.


  • Publicize Strategies
  • Reward Success
  • Celebrations

The Center for Urban Education Ministries is a national 501(c3) organization located at Concordia University Wisconsin.

To get engaged and support CUEM, or any questions please visit our website at