Free Bus Pass

International students please pick up your free bus pass for the fall and spring semester.

How Do I Get My Concordia University U-PASS?

Eligible students can pick up their Concordia University U-Pass from Courtney Rinka, Coordinator for Student Events and Education, in Albrecht 108-D. Hours are 9am-3pm and are subject to change due to meetings and/or Student Life events. Before receiving your U-PASS you must present your Concordia University Falcon 1 card and complete a user agreement form. You are encouraged to call or e-mail prior to confirm office hours or to make an appointment.

Courtney Rinka
Phone: 262-243-2039

Who Qualifies for the Concordia University U-PASS?

F and J International students enrolled and taking classes at Concordia University are eligible to receive a Concordia University U-Pass (for fall and spring semesters only). Questions regarding your International Student status can be directed to Robin Kuzu by phone at 262-243-4550 or e-mail at