Emergency Assistance Grant

The CUW Veteran Services Department recently received a grant from the Wisconsin Department of Veteran Affairs to help Veterans attending Concordia University Wisconsin with emergency type items that may help prevent a hardship during your time in school. The grant will range from $50 - $100 and it is the Veteran Services Department’s hope the grant will assist Veterans cover an emergency expense that may help a personal situation.

If you believe you qualify for this opportunity, we encourage all Veterans complete and submit the questionnaire, which will be reviewed by the Veterans Advisory Committee. The grant range for each CUW Veteran who is approved, will be from $50- $100.

How would an emergency grant opportunity help you? Examples: Groceries, medical bill, gas to get to school and home, help with daycare for the kids, etc. Please keep your response to 1500 characters. All submissions will be kept confidential and reviewed only by the Veterans Advisory Committee. There are a limited amount of grants available for this category and have to be used by June 30, 2017.

reCAPTCHA: check the box below and follow the directions.