Your fast lane for greater value and time savings.

Concordia University’s Route 38 program allows you to maximize your time and your budget by utilizing up to 38 academic credits across fall, spring and summer terms at the regular, full-time undergraduate tuition rate. You pay the regular tuition rate during the school year, and the summer courses are free.

For example, if you take 15 credits in the fall and 15 in spring, you get up to 8 free summer credits, saving you up to $5,000 per year.

Work ahead and graduate early. Or, lighten your course load during the school year to free up time for your life outside of the classroom, and take summer classes to stay on track. Route 38 gives you the flexibility you need to earn your degree at the pace that is right for you.

Benefits of Route 38

  • Greater flexibility with how you utilize your credits
  • Online and traditional on-campus courses qualify
  • More control over your education and the pace that works best for you
  • The ability to graduate earlier
  • Tuition rate savings

How to qualify

  • Must be a full time, traditional undergraduate student taking a minimum of 12 credits per semester in fall and spring to qualify for the following summer
  • Have a zero tuition balance
  • Overload fees will apply for any credits over 18 per semester or 38 per year

For more information

Current students

Contact your Academic Advisor.


Future students

Contact or 262-243-5700.