Academic Advising

In general, LA 105 is structured to achieve general goals related to retention, a sense of  belonging and purpose, academic achievement, engagement, and personal development.

Specifically, LA 105 aims to produce the following learning outcomes, so that students should be able to:

  1. articulate CUW’s history and mission;
  2. demonstrate a sense of belonging and connection to the University;
  3. apply course-provided strategies for adjusting to college life outside the classroom;
  4. take ownership of their education and engage in the classroom;
  5. apply course-provided academic skills to their specific courses;
  6. use student support services to enhance their opportunity for success;
  7. articulate key CUW academic policies and procedures associated with degree progress and academic honesty;               
  8. apply course-provided strategies for effective time management;
  9. articulate the meaning and value of vocation in the context of their career exploration; and
  10. understand their value as citizens and servant leaders in today’s world.