How can my son/daughter get a job on-campus or in the area?
We highly encourage students to create a profile in Falcon Jobs, our on-line job posting database. Through that website, students will be able to review all of the current, available positions - both for on-campus and in the area. To apply for a position, follow the instructions listed in the job posting. Some may require a resume, others may request a cover letter, others may wish the student to stop in and fill out an application.

Is my student required to have an internship?
For some programs at Concordia University Wisconsin, an internship is required of the student to gain education credits. For those programs where it is not a requirement, it is still highly encouraged! The more related experiences a student gains prior to graduation, the more prepared they will be in an interview setting. They need to contact Career Services and their academic advisor to complete the necessary paperwork in advance.