Sophomore Year

Questions they might ask:

  • Is this the best major for me?
  • How do I plan a meaningful and marketable education?
  • How can I develop my work related skills?

Consider this:
Your student may want to declare his or her major at this time. By meeting with his/her advisors to discuss available options, your student may be prepared to make a decision.

Recommendations for Family Members:

  • Listen to your student's ideas, hopes, and fears, and remain open-minded.
  • Suggest that they talk with a career professional and take career inventories to help confirm their choice of major.
  • Ask them to explore ways to gain on-target work experience through internships, part-time, and volunteer work.
  • Help them choose electives that will give them additional desirable skills.
  • Persuade them to participate in resume writing and interviewing activities through career services while beginning to develop a resume.
  • Help your student develop decision-making skills. Look at the available options, weigh the benefits and disadvantages, make a tentative decision, and try it out!