Sometimes a self-assessment exercise is helpful in determining your strengths and goals. While Career Services can also help you incorporate the results of self-assessments into your career planning, some services are offered through the Career Services located in R 004:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

This on-line instrument is based on four basic aspects of human personality: how we interact with the world and where we direct our energy; the kind of information we naturally notice and remember; how we make decisions; and whether we prefer to live in a more structured way (making decisions) or in a more spontaneous way (taking in information). Time allotment: 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete plus 1-hour interpretation appointment. Please call ahead to schedule.

DISCOVER offers guidance and information to help people make these important career and education decisions. Ideas about who they are and what they want to become influence their career plans and decisions. We think most people in need of career education and guidance can benefit significantly from using a curriculum approach that emphasizes assessment, exploration, and planning. The DISCOVER curricula are designed to help people make career and life decisions. DISCOVER can help people who:

  • Don't have any idea what kind of career they want
  • Are in the workforce and now looking for a different career
  • Decided to go to college or go back to finish their degrees
  • Need help selecting a major or program of study
  • Need technical training to get fast-growing hi-tech jobs
  • Need help deciding between the kinds of schools that may be best for them
  • Want to know about the educational/career opportunities in military service

The WISCareers website is Wisconsin's premier career development resource. Concordia Students, Alumni, Faculty, and Staff can use this information resource and valuable tool for career exploration and planning. Although it's called WISCareers, Occupation and Labor Market information is from across the United States. Because it is Internet-based, WISCareers is available to users anytime, anywhere.

Students/clients can use the site to gain self-awareness, explore potentials, and shape their future lives. Areas covered on the site include assessments, occupations, educational options, budgeting, job-seeking and job-keeping skills. Within each of these areas, a vast range of topics, links, and activities can be utilized. Designed for multiple learning styles, our website encourages students/clients to ask important questions about life, careers, and what place they want to have in the world.

For students the site offers:

Comprehensive lists of occupations.

  • Resources to check out schools by majors/degrees and other specific criteria.
  • Comprehensive list of Wisconsin employers.
  • Validated assessments to build career- and self-awareness.
  • Links to hundreds of useful career development sites.
  • Resume and Cover Letter modules to help build real world skills.
  • An Interview module to help build job interview skills.
  • A Budget Builder program to develop financial planning skills.
  • Apprenticeship information and job seeking tools and resources.
  • Individual accounts for each student/ client to create an ILP/ePortfolio.

Please contact the Career Services office at 262-243-4401 or visit R 004 to obtain an access code.