Advisory Council

The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching Advisory Council consists of faculty and staff members from throughout the university who are interested in further developing excellence in teaching and learning at Concordia.

Current Advisory Council members are:

Christian Albano, Associate Professor - Pharmacy (Mequon)

Katherine Bichler, Associate Professor of Chemistry (Mequon)

Margaret Blodgett, Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy (Mequon)

Bernard Bull, Associate Professor of Education (Mequon)

Christian Himsel, Director of Library & Information Services (Mequon)

Sandra Jahns, Instructor of Communication (Mequon)

Georgia Kreiger, Associate Professor of English (Ann Arbor)

Michelle Schmidt, Adjunct Instructor - Business (Mequon)

Kathleen Kremer, Assistant Professor of Education (Mequon)

Mary Lou Kopp, Associate Professor of Nursing (Mequon)

Jessica Luckhardt, Instructor of English and Social Science (Ann Arbor)

Daniel Paavola, Professor of Theology (Mequon)

Jeffrery Schwehm, Associate Professor of Chemistry (Ann Arbor)

Brenda Ulmen, Assistant Professor of Nursing (Mequon)