The Student Health Center is a fully operational urgent care clinic on the CUW Campus. We offer primary medical services and referrals and also maintain medical health records for students enrolled on campus

We see students by appointment, or by walk-in, if available.

Services Include

  • Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury
  • Physical exams (sports, program requirement)
  • Allergy injections (with instructions and serum from student’s allergist)
  • Diagnostic lab testing
  • Flu vaccines
  • TB skin test and TB blood test
  • Urine drug screen
  • Nebulizer treatments
  • Pulse oximetry & peak-flow measurement
  • Basic wound care
  • Equipment to lend such as crutches, wheelchair
  • Access to common, over-the-counter medications in the self-care station just outside our door
  • Referral to community specialist
  • Cooperation with student’s primary care provider for continuity of medical care


Most of the services provided by the Student Health Center are included in the student health fee assessed with your tuition fees including:

  • Office visits
  • Assessment by a nurse practitioner
  • Access to the self-care station (just outside our door)
  • Minor procedures are FREE of charge

Lab work, procedures and medications may be an additional expense, which we charge to your CUW account. We can bill lab work to your insurance company (please bring your insurance card with you to your appointment).