Center Based & Online Learners

Accelerated Learning and Center Based students represent nearly 17% of the overall CUW community. CUW is committed to providing equal access to programs and facilities to all students with disabilities, including those students who take classes online and at our various Centers. The means through which DSS services are rendered may differ by campus, class, and student. Students at campuses other than Mequon must work closely with the DSS office and their Center director to learn how to maneuver their classes with accommodations. If you are an online or Center student, we encourage you to assert your questions and needs regarding your disability.

If you are not a registered student with a disability, please visit our Getting Started page to learn how to register and to see what qualifies as acceptable documentation.

The DSS Coordinator will review both your application and documentation and determine your eligibility for DSS. You will be sent an email to your CUW student email account asking you to schedule an intake appointment with the DSS Coordinator. The intake can take place over the phone or in-person, based on your location. During this appointment we will discuss your accommodation plan, how to use your eligible accommodations, and DSS policies and procedures.

You will need to complete the Faculty Notification Request for Center/Online Learners form and email, fax, or mail the form to the DSS Coordinator when you want to utilize accommodations in a course. Letters should be requested before the beginning of each class, but no earlier than one month prior to the class start date. Both your instructor and Center Director will be notified of your eligible accommodations via a Faculty Notification Letter.

*Please note that accommodations are not retroactive, so implementation of accommodations will begin only after the faculty member has received the letter and has time to make the necessary arrangements.

If you are a student who has been granted extra time on exams, DSS personnel will work closely with you to ensure that this accommodation is upheld. We will work with either the professor of the course or other online administrators to alter the time allotment for the course(s) you request.

If you are a student who has been granted a note taker as an accommodation, DSS personnel will attempt to identify a student who can take adequate notes for you in the class. We will then work with your professor, Center director, and the note taker to ensure that your notes are either provided to you in a confidential manner in person or via email. Attendance to class is still mandatory.

If you are a student who has been granted AFTs as an accommodation, you will have to fill out the Alternative Format Request form a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the start of the course. The alternative format textbook will be sent via the US Postal Service to your Center director or via email to the student, depending on the size of the file and the type of course/text.

We offer Smarthinking online tutoring which is staffed by trained e-instructors who tutor students in the undergraduate subject areas of Math, Science, Business, and Spanish.

We also offer the Online Writing Lab (OWL)

For more information check go LRC Website or review the LRC Services Handout