Current Students

Concordia University Wisconsin is committed to ensuring that qualified students with disabilities are granted services and accommodations that provide equal access to the activities and programs at CUW. Our goal is to promote personal and academic achievement by helping students to develop independence, confidence, and self-advocacy skills. We strive to create a compassionate and supportive environment for our students.   

It is our hope that you will utilize your academic accommodations to help you be successful in your courses throughout your academic career at CUW. Now that you are a registered DSS student, here’s what you need to know!

Complete your Faculty Notification Request form as soon as possible prior to the start of each semester. This will ensure timely completion of your faculty letters.

  • You will receive 2 copies of each faculty notification letter for each of the courses indicated on the request form.
  • Deliver your faculty notification letters to each of your professors either before class, after class, or during your professor’s office hours. This is a great opportunity to discuss your accommodations with your professor. Please remember that you need to submit one of your signed faculty letters to the DSS Coordinator before your accommodations are considered active. The professor keeps the second copy for his/her records.

If one of your accommodations includes testing accommodations, schedule each exam that you plan to take with accommodations in the Testing Center at least 3 business days in advance. We recommend that you review your syllabus for each class at the beginning of the semester to determine when you will need to sign-up for your exams. The link to the online test sign-up form can be found here. I highly encourage you to bookmark this link in your favorite internet browser.

Please remember that you are not required to utilize all of your accommodations in all of your classes. Students registered with DSS have the ability to choose in which classes to use accommodations and when to use accommodations. With that being said, please also remember that accommodations are not retroactive and therefore cannot be applied to previously graded work.

For more information, see the Disability Support Services Student Handbook

Don’t forget to utilize all of the free services the Learning Resource Center provides!