Online Writing Lab

The staff of Concordia University Wisconsin's Online Writing Lab (OWL) consults written work by offsite and graduate students. Consultants pose questions and model revision strategies in order to promote the development of ideas and argumentation, enhance clarity, and improve proficiency in grammar and citation.

We consult e-learners asynchronously. The staff receives essays electronically, reads through their work and makes comments/ask questions, and returns the essay within 3-5 working days.

Accepted Assignments

We provide feedback on various types of essays (papers assigned in courses involving research, analysis, self-reflection, etc.).

Question/answer responses to textbook prompts, general daily written work in your classes, and resumés should not be submitted to the OWL.

Essay Length Limits

Our writing tutors generally consult OWL essays in hour-long blocks while working in the Writing Center. We thus ask that you submit up to 10 pages per week to the OWL. Consultants will give you feedback throughout your draft that you can apply to the remainder of the assignment at hand if we are not able to finish it.

Long Papers

If you are working on a seminar-length paper (15 or more pages), you can submit it to the OWL multiple times. Much like long essays in face-to-face writing consultations, papers submitted to the OWL sometimes need to be divided into manageable parts.

To resubmit a long paper that has been partially consulted, just save the copy that we return to you in Microsoft Word with comments embedded. You can make changes and send it again to the OWL staff for additional feedback. Be sure to articulate your writing needs and questions when you submit an essay again.

Sample OWL consultation

This screen capture depicts a few sentences from a student’s paper and models the type of feedback you can expect to receive from this service.

Consultation Turnaround Time

You can expect to have your paper reviewed in 3 to 5 working days, depending upon traffic in our walk-in Writing Center on campus and consultant availability. Longer papers naturally require more time to consult, so be sure to submit them far in advance (at least 5 working days) of your due date.

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