Academic Skills Development Program

The expectations put on you as a student change significantly from high school to college. As college students, you're responsible for your own academic achievement.

  • Instructors no longer remind you when assignments are due
  • You cant turn in late assignments without penalty
  • You must read and understand volumes of text
  • Your instructors want you to grasp concepts they only cover once in lecture
  • Papers must be research-based and resources must be cited correctly
  • You have to prepare for and master various types of tests.

If you need help managing these new challenges, the Learning Resource Center has a program designed to do just that!

How the Academic Skills Development Program can Help

Our Academic Skills Development program can help you build the five skills that all successful college students possess:

  1. Time management
  2. Reading comprehension
  3. Note taking
  4. Academic integrity
  5. Test taking

Four Formats

We offer academic skills development in four ways:

  1. Face-to-Face workshops
  2. WebCT courses
  3. Peer guides
  4. Resources

Our Academic Skill Development Workshops are now on the portal! Look under the Student Service Tab and find the LRC Channel on the left side of the page. Each workshop has been recorded and is in the LRC Channel for you to view.