Check In/Out

Checking In

Please check your CUW email for check-in information. Also, see the following guide for detailed information about moving in, the check-in process, and living on campus.

Check-in Guide

Checking Out

Please follow the check-out procedures by carefully reading the Check-out Guide.

Once you've cleaned and moved all your belongings out of your room, you can check out in one of two ways: in person with your RA or by using an express check-out envelope. If you want to check out with your RA, please set up a time with him/her in advance to check the condition of your room and return the room key.

You can check out at any time using an express check out envelope. To check out, follow the instructions on the envelope, and deposit the room key enclosed in the envelope to your hall's express check out box. While using the express check-out envelope is convenient, you give up your right to contest any room damage or cleaning charges. Therefore, we recommend checking out in person with an RA.

The housing agreement does not include housing during Christmas and Spring Break. If you plan to return to CUW housing after break, you can leave your belongings in your room. The halls are closed during break, though, and you won't be able to get into your room, so please take valuables and medication home with you.


The following is a list of common room damages. The charges are estimates; actual charges may vary. To avoid getting charged for something you didn't damage, make sure you carefully review the Room Condition Report at check in.


Charge if Damaged

Walls (paint chips, scratches, nail/pin holes, etc)

$30 each (the use of nails, tacks, duct tape, etc. is not permitted)





Bed (frame, rail, hardware, loft)








Closet (shelves)






Ceiling Light


Drapes and Pulley


Windows and Handles






Electrical Outlets

$30 each

Smoke Detector


Evacuation Holder






Vanity, Mirror

Varies based on size




Varies based on type