The Covid-19 pandemic has brought trauma to the forefront of public discussions precisely because of the traumatic impact it has had, and is having, on all of us. While we all handle our responses to the pandemic differently, we are all effected by it in some way or another. We have had to change our lifestyles, restrict our freedoms, postpone seeing family members, and for many Americans to grapple with the Covid-19 virus directly through recovering from the illness or living through the illness with a loved one. Each of these scenarios alter our sense of reality, produce high anxiety about the future, and they contribute to the state of our own mental health.

The Posttraumatic Growth: Maximizing life’s gifts webinar will provide an overview of trauma e.g., what it is, the various types of trauma, there aftereffects, posttraumatic growth and wellness, mental models and life scripts (how they are created and how they may support or hinder our goals), resiliency, transformative learning, tips for creating a meaningful life, and improved self-care.

Each participant will have access to a personal growth workbook developed by the presenter, a list of resources, and access to the Creating a Meaningful Life in the aftermath of trauma and beyond posttraumatic growth webinar—a 90 minute in depth webinar covering trauma and posttraumatic growth.


Dr. Perry is currently a member of the full-time faculty at Walden University where he teaches courses for the Master of Science in Leadership, Master of Science in Management, and MBA programs. He is an educator, consultant, and former executive leader. His research interests include transformative learning, leader and organization behavior; diversity, fairness, and inclusion; brain dominance; human behavior; and posttraumatic wellness and creating a meaningful life.

His life mission is to assist individuals and organizations with maximizing their potentialities; and to actively promote positive social change, social justice, and peace in all that he does. His current efforts including fostering trauma informed communities and kinder, gentler organizations.

In response to his students describing their personal traumas he produced a series of webinars offered to students, faculty, staff, and corporate partners titled Creating a Meaningful Life in the Aftermath of Trauma and Beyond Posttraumatic Growth. In response to the generalized trauma produced by the Covid-19 pandemic, he was requested to produce a cross college collaboration self-help wellness webinar that was co-presented and titled Selfcare in times of Crisis: Living in a topsy-turvy world

He has served as a leadership and organizational effectiveness consultant/trainer for companies such as AT&T, Cigna, and Engie North America as well as myriad education institutions, nonprofits, small businesses, and city and state government agencies.

He has been a guest speaker on the San Francisco Bay Area based KSQD Be Bold America radio talk show hosted by Jill Cody where he discussed the The African-American Perspective during the station’s 2020 election night coverage, A National Reckoning on Racism (with Former Alabama Governor Don Seligman),and Collective Trauma: Reuniting a Dystopian America. In 2021, he will become co-host of the KSQD radio show Be Bold America with Jill Cody.


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