Concordia University Wisconsin’s Doctorate Physical & Occupational Therapy Programs are seeking Adults > 55 years of age to participate in Fall Risk Screens

Participants will participate in the following ways:

  • Answer questions about any past falls, balance concerns and how mobility around the home and community is going
  • Provide a list of past and current medical conditions
  • Provide a list of current medications
  • Complete balance activities with the students
  • Each participant will receive a written summary classifying his/her level of risk for falls and any necessary recommendations or referrals.

DPT & DOT students will complete the fall risk screens under direct supervision of Stacy Stolzman, PhD, PT, and Mike McKinnis, PhD, MOT, OTR.

All necessary COVID-19 precautions will be taken to ensure everyone’s safety.

If interested, please contact Stacy Stolzman, PT, PhD at or 262-243-2176 for more information and scheduling.

Participants are welcome from either 10-10:50 am or 11-11:50 am in the Concordia Center for Environmental Stewardship (CCES 200).