Celebrate the last Sunday of Pentecost with the Christ the King Celebration. This concert series is an annual tradition and features two of CUW's choral ensembles, Selah and Kammerchor.

Tickets are $10 and will go on sale October 20.

All sales will continue to be cashless this year. Please purchase tickets before the concert through our Hometown Ticketing Music Page, or be prepared to use a credit/debit card at the ticket table on the night of the performance. Guests 12 years of age and younger are allowed free entry; all other guests will require a ticket.

If you are a prospective student and are interested in viewing the concert before choosing to attend CUW, then please contact Mrs. Anderson (Johanna.Anderson@CUW.edu) for information on how to attend.

Our program will be digital this year. It will be accessible by QR code scanning during the night of the concert, or can be reached a week prior to the concert at the Live Stream link (through the link underneath the video box).

If you are not available to attend the concert in person, we encourage you to view the Live Stream as well. Please note that the Live Stream can only be viewed at the same date and time as the performance, and will NOT be recorded due to copyright issues.

The concert livestream may be viewed at cuw.edu/MusicLive.