For its inaugural event, the Concordia Center for National Security and Space (CCNSS) will welcome a host of prominent speakers and industry leaders to speak on:

  • Why space matters from a private-sector perspective;
  • How the coming economic revolution will affect every aspect of economic activity;
  • Space technology, security, and the future.


This event is open to all Concordia faculty, staff, and students, as well as members of the public.


This event if FREE to attend, but registration is requested. Click here to reserve your spot. Registration closes Feb. 15.


This event will feature many prominent speakers, including:

  • Mr. Rick Tumlinson | Founding Partner of SpaceFund, a Houston-based Venture Capital company
  • Dr. George Pullen | Chief Economist of Milky Way Economy
  • Dr. Joel Mozer | U.S. Space Force Director of Science, Technology and Research
  • Dr. Lamont Colucci | Professor of Political Science at CUW; Director of Doctrine Development for the U.S. Space Force
  • Dr. Gabriele Rizzo | Executive Advisor to the U.S. Space Force and NATO

The Strategic Space Summit is made possible by generous sponsors: