What is cancel culture? Does it even exist? How does it impact higher education? What, if anything, should university faculty do in response to cancel culture?

Please join your fellow faculty members in a discussion of a timely book that addresses these issues. In this book club, we will read "The Canceling of the American Mind" by Greg Lukianoff and Rikki Schlott and meet three times to discuss sections of the book on Fridays Jan 19, Feb 9, and Feb 23. The group will meet from 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm (CST) in PH 149. This program is in-person only. Jordan, Beck, Professor and Chair of the Faculty, will facilitate the discussion.

Prior to each session, please read these sections of the book:

  • Jan 19 Part I: What is Cancel Culture?
  • Feb 9 Part II: How Cancel Culture Works?
  • Feb 24 Part III and Appendices: What to Do About It


This FREE event is open to CUW Faculty.


Registration is required. Register HERE.

The registration deadline is January 5, 2024. The book will be available to those who register by January 5, 2024, up to a maximum of 16 participants.

After submitting your registration, the CELT Student Worker will send you an Outlook invitation for this event. Please accept this invitation as you will not receive a separate email confirmation.