"My experience at Concordia University Wisconsin was outstanding. The ATEP has excellent professors, a great curriculum, and a lot of hands-on training; all of which prepared me for the National Athletic Trainers' Association Board of Certification Exam and career. I attribute my professional success to my experience at Concordia and the mentoring I received by the faculty and staff of the Athletic Training Education Program. The Concordia University Wisconsin ATEP is one of the "premiere" ATEPs in the country!"

-Chez Misko, MBA, LAT, ATC, CSCS, Vice President, Wisconsin Athletic Club, Inc., Alumni, 1996

"The leadership qualities that the ATEP faculty and staff helped bring out in each of us assisted me tremendously in my current and former positions. They allowed us to think "outside of the box" in our approach to athletic training."

-Roland Schmidt, LAT, ATC - Bellin Health Sports Medicine Clinical LAT, Performance Enhancement and Physician Extender, Former Head Athletic Trainer North Park University and US Speed Skating Team, Alumni, 1998

"Concordia University Wisconsin Athletic Training Education Program taught me the importance of life long learning and continuing your education in a variety of learning environments."

-Darrin Smith, MS, ATC, NASM-PES, Assistant Professor - CUW, Alumni, 1999

"The CUW ATEP is one of the best around.  My experience helped me to continue my education at Indiana University and my career as an Athletic Trainer.  The staff is second to none, and cares about each individual's success!"

-Steve Purcell, ATC, Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer – Indiana University, Alumni, 2005

"My undergraduate athletic training experience at Concordia was well supported by instructors who really cared about my learning and growth as an athletic trainer and as a person."

-Jill Murphy, MPT, LAT,ATC, CSCS, Bellin Health Sports Medicine, Alumni, 1999

"This program gave me a well rounded education and lots of hands-on experiences to prepare me for the working world as an athletic trainer."

-Stephanie Wright LAT, ATC,CWT, Holy Family Memorial Rehab Plus, Alumni, 1999

"CUW ATEP is a great place to learn and grow. I cannot think of another place or undergraduate major that would have prepared me better to follow my dreams both personally and professionally! It combines intellectual challenges and a supportive atmosphere in which to develop and grow. This combination allowed me to achieve my goals and I thank God for that opportunity."

-Brian Walczak, MSPT, ATC, Medical School, Alumni, 2000

"I chose the Athletic Training Education Program at Concordia University Wisconsin because of the hands-on experiences and wide variety of experiences that are available to students. The size, faculty, and staff were a big influence on my decision. My time in the Athletic Training Education Program was wonderful. It prepared me for a job that I love. It gave me “real” world experience that most programs do not offer. The experiences I had are unique to Concordia’s Athletic Training Education Program."

-Lisa Woleben, ATC, Assistant Athletic Trainer, Overland High School - Aurora, Colorado, Alumni, 2003

"The athletic training education program is designed to be hands-on starting with your freshmen year.  This helped me achieve more confidence in what I was doing and helped me to step-up to bigger challenges throughout my four years at CUW and in my current jobs.  This program also taught me to communicate better and to rely on our instructors and others in the program.  The CUW athletic training instructors were very committed to always being there to help me learn and to push me to be my very best."

-Ruth Helland, ATC, Assistant Athletic Trainer, WNBA Indiana Fever, Alumni, 2004

"It is a wonderful program that taught me a lot. Not just about athletic training, but how to handle myself as a professional in the real world. My experience in the ATEP has helped me so much in my current job. I am confident in what I do and feel confident teaching others what I know"

-Katie Benning, Alumni, 2004

"Great learning environment!"

-Michelle Buchmann, Alumni, 1998

"This was a great program for me. I learned a lot from Russ and he helps you all the way to the end."

-Ryan Schroeder, Alumni, 2001

"The ATEP taught me a lot through classes and patient interaction that is helping me now in graduate school and will for years to come".

-Corrie Swart, Graduate School, Alumni, 2004

The amount of hands-on experience and professional relationship was unparalleled".

-Brian Walczak, Medical School, Alumni, 2000

"Excellent setting! Faculty with various background and experiences helpful. Stresses importance of "hands-on" time and labs, felt well prepared for the NATABOC"

-Andrew Wier, Alumni 2002

"Russ, Thanks for everything. The opportunities you have placed before me and the doors you have helped open are unparalleled. You have prepared me to succeed and for that I will be forever grateful".

-Stephanie Ludtke, Alumni, 2001 Physician Assistant/Graduate School