Tuition and Fees

Estimated 2017-2018 Program Costs-Didactic and Clinical Years

(Fees are subject to change.)

Tuition (1st year)



Tuition (2nd year)



PA Student Lab Fee



PA Student Services Fee



Technology Fee



Graduation Fee



Total: $81,693

Other Costs

White coat/scrubs




Medical Equipment*


Castle Branch Check and training


*Cost will vary depending on the equipment selected by the student.

Total: $84,733**

**Costs are the same for both resident and non-resident. Student’s own food, transportation and housing costs are not included.

Tuition Refund

Students who withdraw from the University will receive a pro-rated refund of educational fees and board fees, according to the following schedule (a week runs Monday to Sunday):

During first week of classes

80 percent

During second week of classes

75 percent

During third week of classes

60 percent

During fourth week of classes

40 percent

During fifth week of classes

20 percent

After fifth week


Students who are charged for Summer and Winterim class but then withdraw will receive refunds on a pro-rated basis as follows:

During first day of class

80 percent

During second day of class

75 percent

During third day of class

60 percent

During fourth day of class

40 percent

During fifth day of class

20 percent

After fifth day of class