Service Learning

Our mission at Concordia is helping students develop in mind, body and spirit for SERVICE to Christ in the Church and the world. This is our mission, but how do we make it come alive at Concordia?

What is Service Learning?

Service learning at Concordia is our privilege. We are called to serve. Our Lord Jesus Christ led the way as reflected in His own words: “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.” (Mark 10:45)

Service learning integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection. This is a hands-on approach to teaching which challenges students to integrate their service observations with course concepts and to grow in their faith.

Why Service-Learning in Psychology?

Of all the disciplines, Psychology is one that lends itself to service-learning, because both Psychology and service are about people. It's hard to imagine a community where college students couldn't meet real needs - for tutoring, assistance with day care, preschool, or after school programs, with the elderly, with at-risk youth, and so on. Likewise, it's easy to see how these experiences might help students understand human development, personality, social psychology, motivation, and cognition. What distinguishes course-based service-learning at Concordia are three other important elements - the opportunity for reflection,  the opportunity for integration and application of Psychology concepts, theories and ideas and the opportunity to grow in faith.

Serving Christ and Each Other?

As the Psychology department continues to integrate service learning into the required curriculum for our courses, we also strive for ways to serve others at the university. Collaboration is an essential part of successful service. Recently, the Psychology department ventured into collaboration with various departments to provide service opportunities for our students and community.

Examples of Service Learning

Project Eden

Psychology students hosted a Gardens of Grace service project. This project promoted the role Grace can play in helping others to move forward and heal. Students earned more than $500 to present to Project Eden for an environmental garden. The garden will be the first of its kind at Concordia and serve to continue to provide future service opportunities to students. Psychology students explored how systems are all connected and how service in one area can make a world of difference in another. 

Flu Kits

Psychology students assisted the Health Center in creating flu kits to assist others in need. Psychology students explored ways physical health can impact the lives of others and how resources or lack thereof impacts health and wellness.

Breast Cancer walk

Psychology students assisted Dr. Pfeuffer  with a variety of responsibilities to serve others in the Breast Cancer walk. Psychology students explored ways breast cancer can impact the lives of others and how service to those in need can make a world of difference.

Nursing Respite

Psychology students volunteered for the Nursing Respite program, helping families with children with special needs. Psychology students explored ways having a child with special needs can impact families and development.

Sexual Assault Trial

Psychology students assisted the Counseling Center in conducting a mock sexual assault trial on campus. A judge and two attorneys from the community helped provide a more realistic scenario for our students to explore. Theatre students collaborated by providing acting for this event. Psychology students explored the role the legal system can play in the lives of victims and perpetrators of sexual assault. 

Faces of Depression

Psychology students assisted the Counseling Center in hosting a depression awareness event. General Psychology students created art exhibits that expressed their impressions of depression. These exhibits were then displayed to the public and larger CUW community promoting education and exploration of how depression can impact the lives of others. More than 265 people attended this event.