Accelerated Social Work Program

Currently, the Adult Accelerated Bachelor of Social Work Program is offered through CUW’s Miller Park Way and Green Bay Accelerated Learning Centers. Students may declare a Social Work major when applying to CUW or anytime while a student in good standing.

The process for admission into the Accelerated BSW program is to:

  • Follow the general admission procedures for CUW and declare a major in Social Work (BSW Program)
  • Have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 GPA overall and a 2.75 GPA in any social work courses.
  • Interview with the Center’s admission counselor
  • Complete and submit a Personal Narrative
  • Complete a background check through the agency specified by the BSW program
  • Depending on the previous application requirements, an interview with the Chair of the BSW program may be required

Students are expected to complete the core curriculum, including the prerequisite courses (Statistics and Anatomy & Physiology, earning at least a “C” in both), and the two introductory Social Work courses, SW 225 (Social Work and Social Welfare) and SW 235 (Introduction to Child Welfare) prior to beginning the SW Foundation courses(300 & 400 level courses). This planning is necessary because Social Work Foundation courses are offered in a required sequence, where each course builds on the knowledge acquired from the previous courses. In rare circumstances, exceptions may be made, but additional planning and consultation are needed.

Students must receive at least a "C" in all Social Work courses in order to continue in the Social Work program. A student may repeat a course one time in an effort to improve their grade.

Students who receive at least a “B” in all Social Work courses may be eligible for advanced standing in a Master of Social Work (MSW) program, including Concordia’s MSW program that will be starting in 2017.

Social Work courses are taken one at a time, one night a week for six to sixteen weeks as follows:

  • SW 225 Social Work and Social Welfare (6 Weeks)
  • SW 235 Intro to Child Welfare (6 Weeks)
  • SW 306 Social Welfare Policy & Programs (6 Weeks)
  • SW 346 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I (8 Weeks)
  • SW 326 Skills & Methods of Social Work Practice I (8 Weeks)
  • SW 347 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II (8 Weeks)
  • SW 426 Skills & Methods of Social Work Practice II (8 Weeks)
  • SW 310 Social Work Research Methods I (8 Weeks)
  • SW 410 Social Work Research Methods II (8 Weeks)
  • SW 436 Skills & Methods of Social Work Practice III (8 Weeks)
  • *SW 327 Field Education I (16 Weeks)
  • *SW 328 Field Seminar I (16 Weeks)
  • *SW 427 Field Education II (16 Weeks)
  • *SW 428 Field Seminar II (16 Weeks)
  • SW 490 Senior Integrative Seminar (8 Weeks)

*Field Education and Field Seminar courses (SW 327 & SW 328 and SW 427 & SW 428) must be taken together.

During the year prior to the Fieldwork courses, the Social Work Field Coordinator will work with students to discuss placement options, prepare for field and secure their placement. Students will be required to create a resume and interview at potential placement agencies. Students should expect to complete a minimum total of 432 hours at their field placement, which averages approximately 16 hours each week during the Field Education courses.

Please note: Because the field placement has consequences that also affect the well-being of clients, students who receive a “B-” or lower in their field courses, or irregularly attend their scheduled hours, will be subject to a Student Review and possible termination from the program.

For more information, review the Field Manual on the Resources page.

Please visit the adult accelerated admissions page for more information on CUW’s Adult Accelerated Programs, or contact the Social Work Department with any questions at