Experience the Concordia Core

The Concordia Core embraces our distinctive Lutheran theology in the context of a dynamic educational experience that prepares you to achieve your God-given potential in 21st century career contexts.

The Core embraces six themes central to student intellectual inquiry and growth. Within these themes, you will enjoy choice and flexibility to maximize your interests and your learning goals by selecting courses that have a direct impact on your professional program or planned career major.

The Six Themes of the Concordia Core

  1. Faith
  2. Society and Culture
  3. Human Creativity and Expression
  4. The Natural World
  5. Human Beings and Being Human
  6. Communication and Language

The Concordia Core is divided into two parts: the Concordia Common Core (18 credits) and the Liberal Arts Dimensions (27 credits).

The Concordia Common Core includes six classes unique to our University; two that focus on our relationship with God; two that focus on our relationship with the past; and two that invite you to focus on your relationship to the present and the future, as expressed to others and our world.

The Liberal Arts Dimensions are comprised of three credits from the Theology department that must be completed at Concordia University, while the remaining eight classes are spread among the other Core themes. These eight classes can potentially be achieved through transfer credit, satisfied by AP or CLEP exams, or through high school dual credit courses.

Common readings across these courses fosters a university-wide discussion of important topics, and contributes to our vibrant, Christ-centered intellectual community. Many courses are interdisciplinary, utilizing multiple instructors, giving students a broader, more integrated learning experience.