Bachelor of Arts in Director of Church Ministries

Graduates of the Director of Church Ministries program are equipped to play a supporting role to pastors or make an impact for Christ in foreign missionary fields.

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Department of Theology

Because the Church needs faithful Aarons, too

The beauty of “the Body of Christ” is that each of its members has a unique and vital role to play. The same goes for church-workers. While the Church needs well-trained ministers for the pastoral office, it also needs “Faithful Aarons” who can support the work of their pastors. Perhaps the Lord is calling you to “hold up the prophet’s hands.” Concordia’s Director of Church Ministries program will provide you with the theological training and skills to make an impact wherever you are asked to serve.

Program Overview

In order to meet the diverse needs of congregations, you will gain a wide range of skills through completion of a Theology major and two minors. Your first minor must be chosen from one of five areas of church ministry. These include: Evangelism, Missions, Parish Teaching, Youth Ministry, and Social Ministry or Pre-Deaconess (for men, and for women intending to enroll in the deaconess programs at either of the LCMS seminaries). Your second minor is required to be Non-Profit Management. For those of you who really want to study more than one area of church ministry, it’s possible to do so by carefully choosing electives that apply.

While all courses and doctrine are taught in accord with the Lutheran confessions, men and women of any denomination are welcome to join this program. Only members of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod will be eligible to be rostered with the LCMS as a “Minister of Religion Commissioned—Lay Minister.”

What to Expect

As a Director of Church Ministries graduate, you will be prepared to work with a congregation in soliciting, training, and deploying lay people to serve in a variety of capacities. This may include supporting Bible studies, community outreach, mercy work, and administrative duties. And because no two graduates will have the exact same roles, you’ll benefit from management and leadership courses that will help you adapt to any situation.


In addition to our main and online campuses, Concordia has nine center locations which offer accelerated undergraduate and graduate programs close to where you live and work.

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