The Center for Academic Advising & Career Engagement operates from a learning-centered paradigm. In essence, through your advising experience you will learn several skills which complement your academic and career preparation.  We recognize God created you on purpose, for purpose and thus strive to learn about your many talents, interests, and aspirations.  Our goal is to help you develop an awareness of what makes you uncommon so you can harness those gifts to fully engage with the meaningful learning opportunities in the classroom, in the community, and in the workforce.

You, along with your peers, come to Concordia with a unique set of skills, interests, and dreams.  Each of you also come with varying levels of awareness and embrace for these gifts which have been bestowed upon you.  Our steadfast duty is to help you explore these gifts and harness each towards the fulfillment of your academic and career goals.  These two interests are inherently interwoven, and are integral to your chosen vocation.

Your vocation transcends a major; it’s more than a job; even more than a career.  You are at your best when you are authentically you: operating in a space where your strengths, your interests, and your goals coalesce.  When you are using your “gifts and talents in the service of others, to make an uncommon impact in a common world” that’s the vocation, that’s sustainable happiness, and that’s what people ultimately want.  To pursue those goals though, and live a life uncommon requires a series of smaller, short-term benchmarks that encompass academic goals, career experiences, and personal milestones along the journey.  You will inevitably transition from one stage of development to the next, sometimes without even recognizing your growth.  Rest assured, we will accompany you along these transitions, leveraging our experiences to help you avoid unnecessary pitfalls. Teaching students to live uncommon means living uncommon ourselves, so we welcome the unique opportunity to engage with you – wherever you may be along your vocational journey!

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