How we spell “wisdom”

The friendly staff at CUW’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) is here to help both web and center-based students. How? By posing questions and crafting revision strategies that promote development, enhance clarity, and improve proficiency.

Here’s how it works: we get your essays electronically, read through the work, add questions and comments, and return the essay within 3-5 working days. Simply put: it’s full-circle consultation!

Accepted Assignments 

We provide feedback on any paper, from any class, at any stage in the writing process. Though keep in mind: question/answer responses to textbook prompts, general daily written work in your classes, and resumes should NOT be submitted to the OWL.  

Essay Length Limits

Our tutors generally tackle OWL essays in hour-long blocks while working in the Writing Center. So we just ask that you submit up to ten pages per week. It’s the best way to give feedback as you continue writing your draft.

Long Papers

Working on 15 or more pages? You can submit it to OWL multiple times, divided into manageable parts. To resubmit these kinds of lengthy projects, just save our returned copy in Microsoft Word (with comments embedded). That way, you can make changes and resubmit to OWL for additional feedback.*

*Be sure to articulate your needs when resubmitting.

Sample OWL Consultation

Here’s the kind of feedback you can expect from OWL:

Sample feedback
Sample end comments

Consultation Turnaround Time

It is indeed 3-5 working days, but it also depends on availability, paper length and walk-in traffic in our Writing Center. So be sure to submit your work with enough time to spare before your due date!*

*We recommend at least 5 working days.

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