Featured Alumni

Kris Best, Vice President of Finance at BVK (a Milwaukee-based full-service marketing and advertising agency), is like many other alumni - distinctly “Concordia proud.”

In 1989, Kris made her decision to attend Concordia.  This decision would allow her to delve into several different areas she enjoyed: numbers, sports and organ. Before making her choice, she visited several other schools. It was Concordia that felt right. “Just walking around and talking to people led me to realize the people here were special,” she said, and “I could keep doing the things I enjoyed.”

Concordia prepared Kris for her future work in ways she couldn’t imagine. “I’m proud of the fact I chose CUW.  Throughout my career, my CUW education was often compared to other ‘big name’ colleges. My Concordia education is worth it because it brought me where I am in my life today”

Kris’s Concordia experiences continued beyond the classroom. Some of her favorite memories came from traveling with college friends and volleyball teammates. She served as an RA on campus and even showed off her musical skills in a Senior Organ Recital that “brought me way out of my comfort zone.” 

After graduating in 1993, Kris started her career at Arthur Andersen, thereafter using her public-accounting experience, at Manpower Group, where she broadened her international and operational skills before joining BVK.  She noted, Concordia provided many educational opportunities beyond her Accounting degree, including skills in Operations, Human Resources and Risk Management. These skills continue to help her in her current position where she uses her analytical skill to review with diligence what is being dreamed up by the creative advertising agency. Kris pointed out the question she is always asking herself is “How do I manage risk so we can do something brilliant for a client?”

Her other talents at Concordia are still coming in handy, as Kris plays the organ for her church. She has also found other ways to give back through community organizations, youth mission trips and service to Concordia students and alumni. Kris serves on Concordia’s Alumni Association Council executive committee and Athletic Hall of Fame committee. She is active with the School of Business Administration by speaking with the accounting classes and hiring/recommending student interns.

While she is proud of her Concordia education, Kris also encourages current students to be proud of themselves. “Jump in and go,” she advises, “Every interaction is an opportunity to learn. Some of the best things come from tripping and falling. Ultimately, it’s all about trusting Him to help us take that leap of faith.”

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