Interprofessional Education

Interprofessional Education at CUW provides opportunities for students enrolled in health and human services programs to learn and train together in order to practice together after graduation. The goal is for collaborative learning, where students build their IPE communication skills as well as knowledge base and understanding of other health and human service specialties, in order to fully appreciate how interprofessional education and practice positively impacts and nurtures patient-centered care.

Read the IPE Mission, Vision and Objectives for CUW.

Campus Events

Yearly Spring and Fall Semester: 1st and 2nd Year Health/Social Care Students IPE Learning Events.

Click here to see some additional IPE campus events that occur throughout the year.

IPE Health Fairs
IPE Student Events

Student Opportunities

At CUW we have a range of opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to explore. View a list of IPE opportunities here!



Michael Oldani PhD, MS
IPE Campus Coordinator