Become a Writing Consultant

The Writing Center is always looking for students to join our team of writing consultants.


Future consultants need the following qualifications.

  • A minimum GPA of 3.0
  • A grade of A- or better in English 104 or English 245
  • Successful completion of English 251: Practicum in Writing Consultation

How to Become a Writing Consultant

Every future writing consultant begins by taking English 251: Practicum in Writing Consultation.

English 251 is offered every fall semester and covers:

  • Writing center methods
  • Basic and advanced writing theories
  • Essays by influential writing center theorists including Stephen North, Andrea Lunsford, and Lisa Ede
  • Tutoring theories
  • Application of tutoring theories through in-class discussions and presentations

For more information, contact Eric Adams at 262-243-2198