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End of Spring and Summer 2021 Updates

April 29, 2021

Fall planning update, vaccine recommendations

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Dear Concordians,

We are almost there! The end of the semester is nearly here, just a little over a week away. By the grace of God and the amazing efforts of our community, we have had an amazing semester.

Although we have had great success, it is not time to let our guard down as we wind down the semester. In many places around the county and state, numbers of positive cases of Covid-19 have increased. Members of our community have, although in small numbers, tested positive and have been put in isolation, which has also caused an increased number of close contacts to quarantine.

Please review the COVID-19 information page on updated campus information.

Vaccine updates

What can you do to reduce your chances of getting Covid as well as reduce the need to quarantine if you are a close contact? The most effective way to achieve these goals is by getting vaccinated against COVID-19.  Although at this point the University does not plan on any campus-wide vaccine mandate, we do very much encourage the community to strongly consider it. More vaccinated people means that Concordia can return to normal operations sooner. Consult with your personal health professional or the CDC with any questions you have on Covid vaccines.

Our daily symptom tracker has been updated to allow members of the community to voluntary disclose that they are fully vaccinated. Individuals who have been fully vaccinated for two weeks and submit this record on the tracker, will not need to complete the daily symptom tracker for at least until the end of the fall 2021 semester.

Summer classes and fall updates

For those who will be on campus after graduation (May 7th and 8th), Covid policies will continue as they are now. For those coming to campus at any time, completion of the daily symptom tracker will still be required as will the wearing of masks on campus.

Fall planning is underway, more information will be released in the coming weeks. We are considering increasing capacities in classes and other spaces on campus, as well as relaxing the mandatory mask wearing policy.  

For those graduating-congratulations, for those coming back in the fall-we look forward to seeing you for another blessing filled academic year. Be safe, strongly consider getting vaccinated, and celebrate the amazing year we have had at Concordia. Have a blessed summer!


Steven P Taylor, EdD
Vice President of Student Life
Assistant Professor
Divison of Student Life

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