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Summer 2021 Final Updates

May 11, 2021

Vaccine guidelines, tracker updates

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Dear Concordians,

Even though there were snowflakes on my ride into campus yesterday morning and a frost warning this morning, it is the first week of the summer term.  In this short communication I want to update the community on recent changes from the CDC, remind the community again on our expectations of the daily symptom tracker and encourage the community to consider being vaccinated against COVID-19.

Changes to CDC guidelines

The CDC has recently updated their guidance on wearing masks outside (  Persons fully vaccinated no longer need to mask outside unless in a largely crowded event.  The University wants to clarify that this is now the CUWAA policy as well.

Daily symptom tracker

Although there might be a few bugs in the process over the next few days, completion of the daily symptom tracker will continue.  Those needing to complete the tracker include all employees and students who will be on campus.  Anyone who is fully vaccinated and has chosen to disclose this on the tracker will not need to complete the tracker until at least January of 2022.  Students will continue to be asked to show their green dot in classes and as they enter offices over the summer.


Concordia strongly encourages all members of the community to consider getting vaccinated.  Obtaining vaccines is very easy both locally off campus and near your home.  Although at this point Concordia has not mandated vaccinations like many other colleges throughout the country, we do believe that they have been proven to be safe and successful.  Organizations like the American College Health Association (ACHA) has stated that COVID-19 vaccinations are the most effective way for campuses to most fully open this fall.  Being vaccinated provides several benefits, including: not needing to quarantine if exposed to an active case of COVID and not having to complete the daily symptom tracker after submitting your vaccination information.  Vaccination is the fastest route to a normal academic year. 

Thank you again Concordians for all that you do to make our community the thriving, successful place that it is.


Steve Taylor, Ed.D.
Vice President of Student Life
Assistant Professor
Divison of Student Life