Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW) is committed to protecting the welfare of its community members as well as its intellectual property and facilities. For this reason, the University has developed the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) in concordance with the mission, vision, and values of the University. With this plan, the University strives to minimize the impact of emergencies and maximize the effectiveness of the campus community’s response to and recovery from their potential occurrence.

This EOP is a basic guide for employees and students to address a major disaster or emergency that may threaten the health and safety of the campus or seriously disrupt programs and operations of the University.

Every member of the CUW community should understand his or her role in emergency situations. Please review this manual so you can support your colleagues and protect our students, faculty, staff, and visitors should an emergency arise.

Emergency alert system (RAVE Mobile Safety)

CUW uses RAVE ™ to send emergency text and email messages to all faculty, staff and students in the event of a serious active emergency occurring on or near the Mequon campus. Employees and students may update or add additional personal or family email addresses, cell phone numbers, or voice only phone numbers on their Rave profile. Students and employees can review additional information on Rave or update their Rave profile by following the link on the Campus Life tab of the CUW Portal.

In addition to these critical messages being sent to cell phones and email address, alerts are also automatically displayed on digital bulletin boards throughout the campus hallways and are posted to the CUW Twitter feed.

RAVE Sign-in

Training & class presentations

Active Assailant Response Training

Campus Safety provides the campus community with active assailant response training based on the ALICE ™ philosophy of Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate. Our certified instructors will provide you with option based practical and proactive strategies you can use during a violent critical incident until law enforcement arrives. This training can take 1-2 hours and is designed to be taught in a group setting. To request this training, please send your request via email (Campus.Safety@cuw.edu) and one of the instructors will respond to you to coordinate your training.

Stop the Bleed ™ Training

Red backpacks hanging on the walls throughout the campus contain bleeding control kits. Each backpack contains eight individually sealed kits containing a pair of gloves, gauze, pressure dressing and a tourniquet to be used to control life threatening bleeding.

Getting trained in the proper use and application of the tourniquet is quick and easy. Several Campus Safety Officers are Stop the Bleed ™ instructors and can provide in person training to individuals or small groups.

As an alternative to in person training, a link to an online course is available here. You can complete the training online and then contact Campus Safety to schedule the hands-on skills only course. At the skills only course you’ll demonstrate proper wound packing, dressing and application of the tourniquet.

To request either the in person or skills only training, please send your request via email (Campus.Safety@cuw.edu) and one of the instructors will respond to you to coordinate your training.