bible institute

Concordia Bible Institute

The Concordia Bible Institute (CBI) exists to provide Christ-centered Bible instruction to wide audiences by instructors who are committed to the Lutheran Confessions. Under the direction of Dr. Brian German and in cooperation with the Department of Theology and Philosophy at Concordia University Wisconsin, CBI offers podcasts, face-to-face seminars, and other special events to promote biblical literacy and the belief that Christ is present throughout all of Scripture.


Concordia Center for Bioethics

The purpose of the Concordia Center for Bioethics is to serve Jesus Christ and humanity by bringing the power of the Gospel and guidance from God's Law to help people make decisions compatible with the Christian faith on issues in biology and health care. Our vision is to address ethical issues in health care and the life sciences from a distinctively Lutheran perspective and to facilitate Concordia University Wisconsin in accomplishing its Purpose Statement of "exerting a Christian influence on the community, nation, and world" by becoming an important Protestant bioethics teaching, service, and research center.