Graduation Stories

Graduation is a special time of year at Concordia. It’s a time to reflect, to celebrate, and to look forward to all that the future holds. Our graduates will go on to serve Christ in the Church and World long after they have left campus, but wherever they go, they will always be part of the Concordia family.

Meet a handful of exceptional graduates, and read the inspiring stories that have led them to commencement.

First-Hand Experiencet

A member of the inaugural Doctorate in Occupational Therapy class reveals her long journey to commencement.

The 6,500+ mile journey to commencement

Ryan Guy is definitely going the extra mile to participate in Concordia University Wisconsin’s graduation ceremony on Saturday, May 14.

Incomparable Strength

The 22-year-old Grafton native has a wide range of hats in his collection, from fedoras to baseball caps, and rotates them each day.

First Bethesda College students to graduate Saturday

There was a time when Susan Perkins didn’t know if her daughter, Rachel “Rach” Hoffman, would be able to attend a college, let alone graduate from one...

Jennifer Morris, her half-sister Claudette Green and her niece Dionne Green

The three women, students of Concordia University Wisconsin’s Milwaukee Midtown Center, on Saturday marked a momentous occasion together, as they participated in CUW’s mid-year commencement ceremony at its Mequon campus.

Dan Thompson

Dan Thompson was a homicide detective with the Milwaukee Police Department and the father of six children when he decided to do something to make his life better. He enrolled at Concordia University through our Miller Parkway Center in 2012 to increase his career advancement opportunities and set an example of hard work and education for his large family.

Linda Evanhoff

The road to graduation wasn’t always an easy one for Linda Evanhoff. After finalizing a divorce in 2012, the then stay-at-home mom saw an advertisement for Concordia University Wisconsin and decided to enroll at the CUW Waukesha Center in order to pursue a career in the criminal justice field and start earning a better living for herself and her family.

Becca Ludwig

Becca Ludwig was in eighth grade when doctors diagnosed her with multiple sclerosis, an often disabling disease that disrupts the flow of information between the brain and the body.