Teach with the whole universe in mind

The Science Education major will ground you in the skills needed to teach physical sciences, life science and fundamentals of math. It is a well-rounded program that you can adjust to teach the courses and concepts necessary within any school setting. These include, but are not limited to, anatomy, environmental science, ecology, bio-chemistry, astronomy and oceanography.

Program Overview

Within physical sciences, you can help your students understand physics and chemistry so they can explore their role in the progress of humankind. You will be able to explain to others the study of matter, energy and chemical interactions to inspire use of technology and innovation for good. You will be able to teach about plants, animals and human beings so students can understand the relationship between the spiritual and physical world and body. You will receive instruction in apologetics and faith integration with a nurturing and experienced faculty and will be able to lead discussions on how empirical knowledge and ideological beliefs interact.

What to Expect

You will learn about using technology and science concepts in the classroom. The Science Education Minor is available as a part of the Early Childhood Education Major and the Elementary/Middle-School Education Major.

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