Who we are

The Concordia Free Enterprise Center (CFEC) promotes the ideals of a free and virtuous society, which ultimately unleashes the nearly unlimited creative potential of the human spirit while producing remarkable levels of economic and human flourishing.

Location Platform

The Center is housed in The Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise Center building on Concordia’s campus in Mequon, Wisconsin and formed upon four distinct pillars of work: Research, Education, Application, and Public Policy (REAP).


Our principles

The Center is founded upon the belief that those who benefit the most from free markets are the have-nots: those without inherited wealth, prestigious credentials, or class advantages. In other words, the people who benefit most from a capitalist system are those whose hope for a better life depend on an economy that rewards hard work and enterprise. And these ideas are congruent with Concordia University’s mission committed to helping students develop in mind, body and spirit, for service to Christ in the Church and the world. CFEC’s mission, in alignment with Concordia University, is accomplished by recognizing that each individual possesses a God-given talent that can be developed through nurturing and encouragement by means of innovation and creativity in service to humanity.