CU Launch

You may be just starting your collegiate career, but don’t let the fact that you’re still a student stop you from starting a business venture now. If you have a business idea that you believe can be profitable in the marketplace and make an impact, consider joining CU Launch.

Started in fall 2015, CU Launch walks budding entrepreneurs like you through the “Lean Startup” process to help you cultivate your early stage idea and potentially turn it into a profitable venture. The program, which takes place annually in the fall, lasts a couple months and culminates with a live pitch event, where the winner takes home seed funding. Whether or not you win though, you can be certain you’ll walk away with more business smarts under your belt, ready to take on your next venture.  

Join the ranks of Concordians who put their ideas into action through the CU Launch. Contact Batterman School of Business Dean Dr. Daniel Sem for more information.