School of Nursing Global Studies trips are an amazing way to enjoy a global experience and gain international perspectives in the field of nursing.

Health and healing are beautiful things. But it’s a big world out there. We can learn a lot about God’s purpose for our health by studying health and healing in other countries. Have you ever wanted to travel and broaden your horizons? Every year, our staff professors and doctors lead students on amazing trips to places such as Costa Rica, Mexico, Kenya, Nicaragua, and more.


There are so many things that people in other parts of God’s amazing world can teach us about nursing! At Concordia, you can join groups as they travel the globe, touring hospitals and clinics. Talk with health care professionals from other nations, and get hands-on experience helping those who are different—and yet ultimately the same—as you! Immerse yourself in other languages and cultures and gain insight into nursing on a global level. Our amazing staff is ready to guide you, with tried-and-true trips, most of which take place over a week or two during Winterim or summer, with occasional offerings during spring break. These trips combine classroom study with real-world experiences, allowing you to gain international insight in the field of nursing.

You don’t need us to tell you what you can gain from an international experience. Besides the credits included in some of these trips, the global experience alone is an integral reason why our trips are so valuable to our students. What better way to learn about helping the people of the world, than by going INTO the world?