School of Health Professions

The School of Health Professions (SHP) offers a wide variety of accredited programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level. The faculty are primarily full time and remain student centered. They are accessible to our students and treat everyone in a Christian manner. Programs are provided in a variety of teaching formats (face to face, online, blended) and curriculums emphasize service to the community and interprofessional collaboration. Students are able to work with community members very early in their educational experience.

Mission Statement

The School of Health Professions is dedicated to serving the diverse health needs of individuals and communities by providing a rigorous, experiential, collaborative education that prepares outstanding health professionals who integrate faith, professional excellence and service.

Our Program Highlights

  • Newly renovated and expanded cadaver lab.
  • Full time faculty who are accessible; teaching assistants are not utilized.
  • Students work with clients in the community early in their education.
  • A wide range of health care programs are housed within SHP requiring different levels of education.
  • Collaboration between the healthcare faculty and students is ongoing.

Special Opportunities

  • Global Education is offered through SHP programs (Nepal, Nicaragua, Curacao).
  • Students are encouraged to interact with other healthcare students through service, social activities and Interprofessional Education (IPE) and Collaboration.
  • Participation in a student organizations within their chosen field.