The Office of Research and Sponsored Program (ORSP) has compiled a list of upcoming research opportunities available to undergraduate students. If you are interested in one of the opportunities, please contact the faculty member listed. For further information about undergraduate research, please contact the ORSP.

3D Scan to Print

Dr. Gary Locklair |
Assist faculty in researching methods to capture 3D images of actual objects and reproduce them with 3D printing technology.

Biomedical Investigations in the Pickart Lab

Dr. Michael Pickart |
Dr. Pickart’s lab is focused on advancing basic and translational knowledge of genetic variation that impacts disease and treatment responses using zebrafish and epithelial-derived human in vitro tissue equivalents.

Service Learning & the Undergraduate Research Experience

Dr. Rachel Pickett & Professor Tracey Tuffy |
This project addresses how service learning impacts the student experience.

Exercise-Induced Hyperalgesia Following an Acute Bout of Retro Walking

Dr. Stacy Stolzman |
Investigate how exercise can relieve pain by walking backwards on a treadmill.

Students’ Use of Scientific Models

Dr. Jordan Beck |
This project focuses on uncovering the ways in which students create and interact with scientific models, specifically in the context of quantum chemistry.

Autonomous Vehicles

Dr. Gary Locklair |
Assist faculty in programming autonomous vehicles for self-driving tasks.

The Impact of Pharmaceuticals on Aquatic Waterways

Dr. Sarah Lovern |
This project examines how various pharmaceuticals impact the health of waterways using the model organism, Daphnia magna.

Chemical Measurement Program

Dr. Jeffrey Potratz |
This project aims to continuously improve a software program that was developed in MS Excel to show students the distribution of measured values generated from taking measurements using chemical glassware.

Structure-function Relationships of Exotoxins

Dr. Tzvia Springer |
This project focuses on structure-function relationships of exotoxins from pathogenic bacteria that cause host cell damage in cystic fibrosis and wound patients.

Demonstration Apps

Dr. Gary Locklair |
Assist faculty in creating educational demonstration apps.