Our professional admission counselors are ready to work with you! They are experienced, dedicated, and eager to help you through the enrollment process. To speak with the Graduate Admission Office please call at 262-373-8433 or email graduate.admission@cuw.edu

Amber Schiessl

Amber Schiessl, M.S.

Director of Graduate Enrollment
Location: Luther 108A
Phone: 262-243-4551
Email: Amber.Schiessl@cuw.edu

David Hengst

David Hengst

Graduate Admission Counselor
Location: Luther 106A
Phone: 262-243-4397
Email: David.Hengst@cuw.edu

  • Occupational Therapy
    • Bridge OTA
    • Accelerated MOT
    • Blended MOT
    • Bridge MOT
  • Physical Therapy
    • Bridge PTA
    • DPT

Tyler Brasington

Katelyn Wilson, M.Ed.

Graduate Admission Counselor
Location: Luther 106D
Phone: 262-243-4411
Email: Katelyn.Wilson@cuw.edu

  • Alternative Education (non-degree)
  • Art Education
  • Church Music
  • Computer Science (MSCS)
  • Continuing Education – Graduate Education
  • Education – Administration
  • Education – Educational Design & Technology
  • Education – Literacy
  • Education – Family Life
  • Education – Special Education
  • Education – Superintendent
  • Education – Teaching and Learning
  • Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education (SPAHE) 

Leah Herr

Leah Herr, MSE

Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions
Location: Luther 108E
Phone: 262-243-2165
Email: Leah.Herr@cuw.edu

  • EdD – Leadership in Innovation and Continuous Improvement
  • Education – Counseling
  • Master of Social Work

Jennifer Tadeo

Jennifer Tadeo, M.A.

Graduate Admission Counselor
Location: Luther 106D
Phone: 262-243-2120
Email: graduate.team@cuw.edu

  • Business Administration (MBA) 
  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
  • Organizational Leadership and Administration (OLA) 
  • Master of Product Development (MPD) – Pharmaceutical, Chemical, and Food & Beverage tracks

Mary Jandre

Mary Jandre

Graduate Admission Counselor
Location: Luther 106E
Phone: 262-243-2122
Email: Mary.Jandre@cuw.edu

  • Athletic Training
  • Continuing Education Nursing Certificate
  • Graduate Nursing
    • CAGE
    • DNP
    • MSN
    • Post BDN-DNP

Tonya Bartoletti

Tonya Bartoletti

Graduate Admission Counselor
Location: Luther 106F
Phone: 262-243-4425
Email: Tonya.Bartoletti@cuw.edu

  • Physician Assistant
  • Rehabilitative Science
  • Speech Pathology