Graduate application steps

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Degree-seeking students

Graduate programs have a minimum undergraduate GPA requirement of 3.00. Some Graduate programs may have additional requirements.

1. Application

Please submit the following:

  • Application form available at:
  • One page essay describing desire for a graduate degree
  • Résumé of your education and employment experience
  • Two signed letters of recommendation using the Recommendation Form (recommendation letters on letterhead may also be submitted)
  • All official transcripts leading to your bachelor’s degree

Please note:

  • Graduate entrance exams (like the GRE) are not required
  • If you have completed graduate level classes in the last seven years and wish to have them evaluated for possible transfer, please submit these transcripts or contact your Admissions Counselor for more information
  • International students should contact the Office of International Student Services at for additional application requirements
2. Evaluation

When an applicant’s file is complete, the file is forwarded to the Admission Committee. The Admission Committee will make one of three decisions:

  • The student is fully admitted to the program
  • The student is conditionally admitted, with continuation in the program contingent upon conditions stipulated in the acceptance correspondence
  • The student is denied admission to the program. A letter is sent to the applicant with the decision of the Admission Committee
3. Admission

Admitted students will receive:

  • An acceptance email
  • Name and contact information of the student’s academic advisor and program director
  • Falcon One Student ID number
  • Financial Assistance Resources
  • A link to the online orientation

Password information to access will be sent separately, and will come from the Information Technology Office. Students should contact their academic advisor prior to registering for courses.

Non-degree seeking graduate students

Non-degree applicants need only submit an application to begin admission review — however, academic transcripts may be requested to complete our review.

Graduate programs with different application processes

The following programs use a centralized application service. Please see the program site for details.

Transfer in credits

Depending on the admission policy of the program, a student may be allowed credit for work completed at the graduate level prior to enrolling at Concordia University. The applicant must provide official transcripts documenting the completed work and the grades obtained for this work. These grades must meet the Concordia admission standards. In order to transfer to Concordia, the number of graduate credits for a course taken at another regionally accredited university must be equal to or greater than the number of credits of a comparable course at Concordia (i.e. a two-credit course cannot transfer in for a required three-credit course). Courses in which the student received lower than a 3.0 (B) will not be considered for transfer. The university allows for transfer of up to 50% of the overall credit requirements for a degree program and up to 25% of the overall credits for a certificate program, at the discretion of the program director. Please see the Transfer Credit Policy for more details.

Contact us

For additional information, please contact the Graduate Admission Office at or  262-243-4300.