When families thrive, we all thrive

Families are foundational to our society. They are the cornerstone of our individual lives and critical to our “self-understanding.” It’s no secret that families face a constant barrage of challenges in our modern age. The world needs men and women who answer the call to help families thrive. How about a career in a field that allows you the incredible privilege of helping families cope with whatever life throws at them?

Program Format

Courses will primarily be taught online.


This program will be exclusively taught in Chinese Mandarin

Program Overview

This master’s program focuses on how the family relates to society. With a strong emphasis on counseling skills, you’ll be given a great opportunity to bring compassion and understanding to the challenges that face modern families. This program teaches you how to help parents, teachers, and students face the challenges that confront them. You’ll learn skills that will allow you to positively impact a child’s well-being and equip parents to navigate today’s culture.

Concordia is greatly honored to partner with Zijing Education to offer a new educational opportunity in China. The Master of Family Education program consists of ten courses that will prepare individuals to identify the uniqueness of every family and successfully help a family through different stages. Concordia and Chinese professors will be teaching this comprehensive and in-depth curriculum that focuses on relevant topics facing today’s Chinese families. This program will be taught exclusively in Chinese Mandarin.

Who we are

Concordia University is a private university located in Wisconsin that has been offering higher education for 141 years. We are committed to helping students develop in mind, body, and spirit for service to others and their community. With more than 70 majors, Concordia has multiple opportunities both on campus and online for students in the United States and internationally to earn their higher education degrees. 

Concordia University Wisconsin is regionally accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. Our teacher education program, undergraduate and graduate, are accredited through the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).

What to Expect

While no family is perfect, every family is most definitely unique. The issues families face these days are incredibly diverse. You’ll learn how to nurture children by building self-esteem, and how to help create healthy environments where families can not only grow, but thrive. You’ll study the major issues facing families and educators, and the cultural background and biases that affect relationships. You’ll learn individual and group counseling techniques, as well as positive steps that educators and parents can take to counteract societal trends.