An ancient learning method for modern learners

What is the Great Texts Pathway?

The Great Texts Pathway is the continuing of a tradition beginning in ancient Greece, embraced by the Lutheran reformers in Wittenberg, and handed down by the Saxon immigrants who settled in Missouri.

It is a democratic form of education where the professor acts as guide for the student to be formed by their own careful study, reflection, and conversation. It consists of courses from diverse disciplines, but is united by an emphasis on close reading and vigorous discussion.

Classes are taught using the Socratic method, a method where there professor asks the student a series of questions to help the student thoroughly think through each text, and the student, in return, shapes the class with his or her response. For many students this can create a richer, more transformative learning experience than a traditional lecture based format.

  • Open to all students, no need to apply
  • Explore what works for you. Try one course or embark upon an entire pathway
  • Complete 21 credits of Great Text Pathway courses and earn a special designation on your transcript along with a certificate

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Qualifying Classes

  • CCE 140 - Science and Humanity (Strycker: CRN 12986 F and 31494 S)
  • ECON 315 - Macroeconomic Crises in History (Mobley: CRN 10320 F)
  • ENG 465 - Shakespeare (Harries: CRN 30240 S)
  • PHIL 101 - Western Culture and Worldview (Schulz: CRN 30101 F)
  • PHIL 201 - Great Texts for Philosophy (Schulz: CRN 30117 S)
  • PHIL 250 - Moral Philosophy (Schulz: CRN10118 F)
  • PHIL 410 - Medieval Philosophy (Schulz: CRN 30124 S)
  • PHIL 450 - Modern Philosophy (Menuge: CRN 30125 S)
  • REL 100 - Bible (German: CRN 10008 F and CRN 30003 S)
  • REL 110 - Christian Faith (Lane: CRN 10015; CRN 10019)
  • REL 307 - Wisdom of Israel (German: CRN 30034 S)
  • REL 310 - Religion in America (Lane: CRN 10036)
  • REL 351 - Prophets of Israel (Soenksen: CRN 10041 F)